Ministrial Staff

Missions Provide superior and consistent service to all stakeholders Meet the diverse administrative requirements of students, parents and the staff. Evolve to continually improve the services by inculcatting proven code of conduct and ethical practices. Office Staffs SL.No NAME Educational Qualification Designation Department 1 Dr.Shankar N Upadyey B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Adminitrative Office Administrativ 2 Mr.Yashwanth… Continue reading Ministrial Staff

Examination Section

Chamaraju N Exam Superintended The establishment section is responsible to carry out all related tasks as per the “Service Rule Book”. All correspondences pertaining to the said tasks must follow the procedural hierarchy and such correspondences must be documented in respective files and folders.


Raghavendra S Accountant Sushmitha P Assistant Accountant 1.INWARD TRANSACTION 1.1. Fees Collection (All kind of fees from stakeholders) 1.2. Fine Collection 1.3. Other remittance 1.4. Inward transactions must be maintained under respective categories such as CET, COMED-K, Management and within these categories heads such as “student fee (tuition fees, college fees (development fees, bus fees,… Continue reading Account


OUR MISSION Administration is core to an organization in manner of facilitating end to end clarity, transparency and meticulously chalking out the growth of the organization. The Administration Section and Personnel of Maharaja Institute of Technology Thandavapura have been upholding the tasks and handling all tasks in its spectrum in a professional manner Provide superior… Continue reading Mission

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