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Mechanical Engineering

Combined with the systematic teaching methodology & syllabus in line with the current technology

Strength of the Department

Dr. T Venkate Gowda

(Associate Professor and Head)
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering +91 7411306985 |

Mechanical Engineering is the Prime Mover of all Engineering Branches. The application of scientific and practical experience knowledge to design, analyse, manufacture and maintain Mechanical system is termed as Mechanical Engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering at MITT was established in the year 2016. Under the mentorship of stalwart scholarly academicians and administrators, Dr. V. Seshadri and Dr. Y. T. Krishne Gowda, the department of Mechanical Engineering is stepping towards achieving new heights. The department has to its credit highly qualified and well trained teaching fraternity and technical staff. Equipped with well-furnished Laboratories, the department gives more focus towards imparting quality practical oriented technical education. Since the College is based in the prime industrial location of Mysuru, close to Kadakola Industrial Area and Nanjangud Industrial area, the department has the geographical advantage of Industrial Association. FLAME (Future Leaders Association of Mechanical Engineers) is a Student- Staff Academic Association of MITT Mechanical Department. The activities of the Association are mainly towards bridging the gap between Institute and Industry by Capacity and Skill Development in the students. Under its banner many Extra-curricular activities such as Industrial Visits, Technical Training, Vocational Courses, Value Added Courses, Expert Talks, Seminars, Workshops and Project Exhibitions are conducted.



To emerge as a center of eminence in transforming individuals into technologically competent mechanical engineers so as to cater the needs of society and ever-changing industrial scenario.


  • Imparting application focused teaching and delivering courses through effective teaching-learning pedagogies.
  • Engaging students in self-learning and scholarly activities for a successful career.
  • Providing ambience for research, innovative thinking and interdisciplinary technological concentration through industry-academia collaborations based on dynamic needs of the society for technology up gradation.
  • Motivating students for higher studies and entrepreneurship for diverse career.

    Our Infrastructure and Laboratories

    Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

    • Design Lab

    Carpet Area – 102 sq.m

    Major Equipments Universal Governor Operator, Pressure distribution in Journal Bearings, Whirling of shaft, Universal vibration set up

    • Foundry and Forging Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 147 (

    Major Equipments Gas Furnaces, Sand Testing Equipments, Foundry and Forging Tools

    • Material Testing Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 147 (

    Major Equipments TM, CTM, Hardness Testing Machines, Impact Testing Machine, Wear Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Metallographic Microscope, NDT Equipments, Tile Flexure Testing Machine

    • Mechanical Computer Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 136 (

    Major Equipments Computers, Printer, Projector, LCD Screen, Network Switches and Rack

    • Mechanical Measurements & Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 122 (

    Major Equipments Tool Makers Microscope, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Calibration Equipments, Autocollimator, Slip Gauges, Comparator, Monochromatic Light Source, Dynamometers , Angle Measuring Setups

    • Machine Shop

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments Lathes, Milling Machine, Shaping Machines, Grinding Machine, Drilling Machine, Power Hacksaw, Tool

    • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments Pelton Wheel, Turbine, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Combined Venturi-Orifice-Nozzle-Rotameter, Notch and Weir Apparatus, Bernoulli's Apparatus, Pumps, Blower, Compressor

    • Energy Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments 4-Stroke Petrol Engine, 4-Stroke Diesel Engine, 2-Stroke Petrol Engine, Able & Penskey Marten Flash Point Apparatus, Bomb & Junkar's Gas Calorimeter, Red Wood & Saybolt Viscometer

    • Heat Transfer Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 102 (

    Major Equipments Thermal conductivity of metal rod, Heat transfer coefficient of composite wall, Free & Forced Convection, Stefan- Boltzmann's constant, Emmissivity of surface, Heat Exchanger

    Teaching Staff

    Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

    • Dr. Y T Krishne Gowda

      B.E, M.E., Ph.D

      Professor and Principal
    • Dr. T Venkate Gowda

      B. E, M.Tech, Ph. D

      Associate Professor and HoD
    • Prof. Raghu S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Mallikarjuna S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Ajay Kumar K

      B.E, M.Tech.,

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Krupesh K S

      B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Prabodh Sai Dutt R

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Purushotham S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Yashvanth S V

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Dr. T N Shridhar

      B.E, M.E., Ph.D

      Visiting Professor
    • Dr. V Seshadri

      B.E, Sc.M, Ph.D

      Visiting Professor and Mentor
    • Prof. Sreyas C

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor

    Non Teaching Staff

    • Manu D G


      Lab Instructor
    • Santhosh Y R


      Lab Instructor
    • Abhishek Basappa

      B.E, M.Tech

      Workshop Superintendent
    • Dayananda K C



    Technical Talks Organized By Department



    Name of the activity
    1 09-12-2022 Technical talk on “HVAC Green Building Design”
    2 28-11-2022 Speech on My story –Motivational Talk
    3 18-11-2022 to 19-11-2022 Two days hands on training on CFD
    4 5-11-2022 Industrial Visit to “SUJAYA INDUSTRIES ”Mysore
    5 21-10-2022 ISHRAE Student chapter installation 2022
    6 21-10-2022 Technical talk on “Design aspect of solar roof top for residential application”
    7 20-10-2022 Webinar on “Relevance of nuclear energy in achieving net zero co2 emission”
    8 12-10-2022 Technical talk on “Research Methodology”



    Name of the organization

    1 Government Tool Room & Training Centre To provide industrial training and internships for the students
    2 Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt Ltd To promote technical activities and internships
    3 To encourage bright pre university students to pursue BE programs and to discuss best practices Mysore Institute of Commerce and Arts - [MICA]

    Student Chapter


    Name of the student chapter

    1 The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) To promote technical activities and internships


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    Dr. T Venkate Gowda ( Professor and Head )

    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

    Batch: 2018-2022
    • Manikanta R

      Timken - 4 LPA

    • Rahul Kumar

      A. O. Smith - 3.5 LPA

    • Mithun D

      HTC - 3.5 LPA

    • N S SaiTeja Reddy

      A. O. Smith - 3.5 LPS

    • Nandan N

      TCs - 3.5 LPA

    • Nikhil L

      HTC - 3.5 LPA

    • Nikhil M

      HTC - 3.5 LPA

    • Ananya T R

      HTC - 3.5 LPA

    • Sunan B D

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Jayanand

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Shabarish T

      Wipro - 3.5 LPA

    • Kiran Ankolekar

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Sharath Chandra N

      HTC - 3.5 LPA

      Wipro - 3.5 LPA

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Thrilok B P

      Lets Flo - 5 LPA

    • Prajwal Y M

      Capgemini - 4.5 LPA

    • Priyanka S P

      Spark Minda - 2.2 LPA

    • Kaveri H S

      Spark Minda - 2.2 LPA

    • Sidhushree

      Spark Minda - 2.2 LPA

    • TejasBabu C H

      Spark Minda - 3.5 LPA

    • Jeevan D Nayak

      Spark Minda - 3.5 LPA

    • MadhushaKatigar

      Pentogon Space - 3 LPA

    • Rohith Patel M

      United Brereries - 6 LPA

    • Girish G

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Shivakumar B T

      Infosys - 3.6 LPA

    • Meghana H M

      Brakes India Pvt. - 2.2 LPA

    • Abhishek K

      A. O. Smith - 3.5 LPA

    • Darshan D K

      A. O. Smith - 3.5 LPA

    • Adnan Yaseen
    • Aravind
    • Bharath D
    • Manikanta R
    • Nachiketh
    • Pavan Kumar
    • Prashanth Kumar
    • Rahul Kumar
    • Rohit Patel
    • Sai Teja Reddy
    • Sharath Chandra
    • Shashank