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Combined with the systematic teaching methodology & syllabus in line with the current technology

Strength of the Department

Prof. Sachin. S -
B.Sc M.Sc, Ph.D

Professor and Head Department of Physics

The Basic Science subjects are pivotal for engineering education. These subjects taught in the first year help in better understanding and application of their respective streams. The Department of Engineering Physics was started from the inception of the college (2016-17) and as a supporting department to all engineering branches of the institution. Its objective is to provide value-based education to the budding engineers. The department is committed to impart thorough basic knowledge about the fundamental aspects of Basic Science in general and Physics in particular relevant to engineering for all the students. The department is well established with a modern laboratory added with advanced devices, equipment and instruments to attract and to motivate young minds to gain the real practical knowledge about the recent trends, practices in engineering and their applications in day-to-day activities to enlighten the professional course of studies. The department has well qualified faculty from the reputed University, thoroughly experienced in teaching, research activities with conference papers published at International and national level Conferences, Workshops and Seminars, effectively involved in teaching oriented developmental activities like Faculty Development Programs, Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences to gain adequate Knowledge about the subject to uplift the quality of teaching-learning process and to fulfill the expectations of the students community. The Faculty member is also committed to improve study skills, to inculcate discipline, rational thinking, professional ethics and education with humanity among the students.The strong basic foundation laid by the department helps the students to apply knowledge in a better way & become a successful engineer .The unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities.



"The Department of Engineering Physics impart students with an attitude and a capacity to deal with the principles and methods of analysis of contemporary Physics for solving emerging problems in the field of Technical education and Research ".


To keep pace with advancements in knowledge and make the students competitive and capable at global level. To create an environment for the students to acquire the right physical, intellectual and moral foundations and shine as torchbearers of tomorrows world. To strive to attain ever-higher benchmarks of education excellence.

Teaching Staff

Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

  • Prof. Sachin S
    B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D

    Associate Professor and HoD

  • Prof. Arun

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Prof. Sachin S ( Professor and Head )

Deptartment of Physics