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Dr. Venkatesh B K
B.Sc., M.Sc, Ph.D

Associate proff and HOD
Department of Chemistry

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Engineering Chemistry an indispensible branch of applied sciences predominantly deals with structure, composition and properties of matter. Concurrently, it encompasses the analytical art of resolving mixtures and aggregates into their active constituents and synthesizing macro components from fundamental principles. Being an inseparable component of "basic science tetrad", Chemistry not only integrates other branches of basic science viz. Physics, Mathematics and Biology, but also strengthens crucial engineering streams by providing the fundamental theoretical and analytical framework. To name a few, cement technology for civil construction, rust resistant alloys for making heavy machines and automobiles, semiconductor material for communication and information processing devices are noteworthy contributions of applied chemists that have revolutionized technology in modern times. Understanding basic principles and practices of chemistry is therefore extremely essential for students perusing engineering course with which they are not merely equipped with prerequisite scientific fundamentals but additionally empowered with research temperament in accordance with contemporary industrial standards.



To garner leadership in chemical sciences, innovation and research that ably provides solutions to contextual challenges.


  • To impart a strong foundational knowledge via cognitive and hands-on engagements that enables industrial preparedness.
  • To expend knowledge driven by research in pervasive areas exhibiting diligence of eco-friendly balance.

Teaching Staff

Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

  • Dr. Venkatesh B K

    Associate professor and HOD

  • Dr Anju Maria Thomas
    M.Sc, Ph.D

    Assistant professor

Non Teaching Staff

  • Rajendran kumar L

    Lab Instructor

  • Mr. Lokesh

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Dr. Venkatesh B K
Associate Proff. and HOD

Dept. of Chemistry