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Combined with the systematic teaching methodology & syllabus in line with the current technology

Strength of the Department

Dr Venkatesh B K -

Associate professor and Head Department of Chemistry

‘Engineering Chemistry’ essentially is a branch of ‘Applied Sciences’ that predominantly studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter and it is the art of resolving mixed, compound, or aggregate bodies into their principles; and of composing such bodies from those principles. Chemistry is not only connecting physics, mathematics, geology and biology but also recognized as central science because chemistry is all-around technology which bridges all other disciplines of engineering aspects. In the field of engineering, understanding of Chemistry is most essential which is further equipped with the knowledge of chemistry and engineering, works principally in the chemical industry to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products and covenant with the design and operation of plants and equipment. Hence, it is a brand of engineering facet that ultimately deals with the use and role of Chemistry in industry.



"The ‘Department of Engineering Chemistry’ of Maharaja Institute of Technology, Thandavapura (MITT) will be known for leadership in Education and Applied Research that focuses on Industrial progress, Self- entrepreneurships and Environmental quality improvements through the Application of principles of Applied Chemistry and Engineering. ".


  • The mission of the Department of Engineering Chemistry is to prepare the Students with utmost competitiveness for Professional practice.
  • To facilitate possible Exploration of the Innovative notions through better understanding of the Chemistry and their techniques to establish Product oriented Engineering practices to achieve Sustainable technologies.
  • To Graduate study in the course of continuous learning in order to Indoctrinate the advancement in the fields of Science and Technology

Teaching Staff

Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

  • Dr Venkatesh B K

    Associate professor and HoD

  • Prof. Chaitra S

    Assistant professor

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Dr. Panduranga Murthy ( Professor and Head )

Dept. of Chemistry