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Mechanical Engineering1

Combined with the systematic teaching methodology & syllabus in line with the current technology

Strength of the Department

  • Dr.K.N.Seetharamu


  • Dr. V. Seshadri


Dr. T Venkate Gowda

(Associate Professor and Head)
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering +91 7411306985 |

Mechanical Engineering is the Prime Mover of all Engineering Branches. The application of scientific and practical experience knowledge to design, analyse, manufacture and maintain Mechanical system is termed as Mechanical Engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering at MITT was established in the year 2016. Under the mentorship of stalwart scholarly academicians and administrators Dr. K. N. Seetharamu, Dr. V. Seshadri and Dr. Y. T. Krishne Gowda, the department of Mechanical Engineering is stepping towards achieving new heights. The department has to its credit highly qualified and well trained teaching fraternity and technical staff. Equipped with well furnished Laboratories, the department gives more focus towards imparting quality practical oriented technical education. Since the College is based in the prime industrial location of Mysuru, close to Kadakola Industrial Area and Nanjangud Industrial area, the department has the geographical advantage of Industrial Association. FLAME (Future Leaders Association of Mechanical Engineers) is a Student- Staff Academic Association of MITT Mechanical Department. The activities of the Association are mainly towards bridging the gap between Institute and Industry by Capacity and Skill Development in the students. Under its banner many Extra-curricular activities such as Industrial Visits, Technical Training, Vocational Courses, Value Addition Courses, Expert Talks, Seminars, Workshops and Project Exhibitions are conducted. ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) Student chapter which was inaugurated on 27.10.2018 is very active and has provided vital opportunities to our students to compete with students of other colleges in technical events and eventually winning in many events. And the trainings received by our students under ISHRAE banner are very resourceful.



To be a pioneer in offering best quality Outcome based Technological and Scientific Education in Mechanical Engineering so as to develop the Core Competencies in Students by incorporating Inclusive and Innovative Teaching-Learning Processes. And thus, equipping the Students intellectually to analyze and solve real time complex Mechanical Engineering Problems and to be a productive asset to serve the Nation and Humanity as a whole.


  • Emphasizing Application focused teaching and delivering courses using Scientific approach by the use of Smart Teaching Aids and ICT [Information and Communication Technologies].
  • Maintaining state of the art Research Facilities to provide collaborative environment that encourages faculty and students with opportunities to interpret, apply, create and disseminate knowledge.
  • Creating solid platform for Continuous Improvement through Self Learning in students and giving Importance to regular Academic Assessments and Evaluations.
  • Offering Career Guidance to Students and training them to develop Leadership Qualities and Soft Skills to make them Employable in diverse career avenues in the Mechanical Engineering Job Market.
  • Conducting Academic Audit, Collecting Faculty Performance Appraisal data to develop 360 degree Feedback Mechanism and building favorable environment for Inclusive and Participative Education where in views of all stake holders are respected.
  • And to maintain good Industry-Institute Interaction to facilitate on and off Campus Job Placements.

Prominent Features

  • The Department has Highly Experienced and Qualified Staff Members from various Specializations
  • The Department is equipped with Modern Laboratories
  • 100 % Campus Placements for Industrial Internships
  • e Yantra Robotics Lab in collaboration with IIT Bombay
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Aalborg University of Denmark, Huanghuai University and Zheng Yuan University of China, People’s Friendship University Moscow and Ural Federal University Ekaterinburg of Russia for enhanced academic interactions.
  • Extensively Trained Faculty Members engage Classes with Hand Written Notes and with well structured Lesson Plans
  • Creative and technology assisted Teaching Aids are used to communicate with students effectively
  • Continuous Evaluation of Students is done through Unit Tests and Preparatory Exams to ensure sustained learning
  • Laboratory Internal Assessments are conducted in the Laboratory Exam structure to assist student preparations
  • Expert Lectures from Scholars and Guest Talks from Resourceful Industrial Personnel are organized periodically.
  • Industrial Visits are arranged frequently, as such Plant Visits will help students to visualize and gain the much required exposure to Industrial Production Processes
  • Students are encouraged to pursue Internships and to carry out Mini Projects even before entering final year studies
  • Students are trained in Advanced Softwares used in Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Stress Free Learning Week is observed wherein Innovative training methods are used to give wide academic exposure to students
  • Campus Recruitment Training is provided to equip students for Internship Placements and Job Placements
  • Emphasis given towards developing Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and other Soft Skills among Students
  • A well organized Department Library comprising of over 115 Books is maintained. A Digital Library consisting of over 100 e Text Books, previous years University Question Papers and all Lab Manuals is also maintained
  • Faculty Members Mentor Students by tracking their Academic Progress and are continuously motivated
  • Parents/ Guardians are kept well informed about the Academic and Attendance status of their ward through Phone Calls, SMS and Letters. Parents - Teachers Meetings are arranged periodically
  • Appraisal system is maintained sincerely to ensure the Quality of Education
  • Meritorious Students receive Fee Concession
  • German, French and Advanced English Languages are taught to students so as to have an impressive personal profile
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions are held to enrich the Memory, Concentration and Grasping ability in Students

    Our Infrastructure and Laboratories

    Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

    • Foundry and Forging Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 147 (

    Major Equipments Gas Furnaces, Sand Testing Equipments, Foundry and Forging Tools

    • Material Testing Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 147 (

    Major Equipments TM, CTM, Hardness Testing Machines, Impact Testing Machine, Wear Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Metallographic Microscope, NDT Equipments, Tile Flexure Testing Machine

    • Mechanical Computer Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 136 (

    Major Equipments Computers, Printer, Projector, LCD Screen, Network Switches and Rack

    • Mechanical Measurements & Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 122 (

    Major Equipments Tool Makers Microscope, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Calibration Equipments, Autocollimator, Slip Gauges, Comparator, Monochromatic Light Source, Dynamometers , Angle Measuring Setups

    • Machine Shop

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments Lathes, Milling Machine, Shaping Machines, Grinding Machine, Drilling Machine, Power Hacksaw, Tool

    • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments Pelton Wheel, Turbine, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Combined Venturi-Orifice-Nozzle-Rotameter, Notch and Weir Apparatus, Bernoulli's Apparatus, Pumps, Blower, Compressor

    • Energy Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments 4-Stroke Petrol Engine, 4-Stroke Diesel Engine, 2-Stroke Petrol Engine, Able & Penskey Marten Flash Point Apparatus, Bomb & Junkar's Gas Calorimeter, Red Wood & Saybolt Viscometer

    • Heat Transfer Laboratory

    Carpet Area : 102 (

    Major Equipments Thermal conductivity of metal rod, Heat transfer coefficient of composite wall, Free & Forced Convection, Stefan- Boltzmann's constant, Emmissivity of surface, Heat Exchanger

    • Workshop Practice

    Carpet Area : 225 (

    Major Equipments Bench Vice, Leg Vice, Stakes, Welding machine, Soldering Iron, Tools

    Teaching Staff

    Combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology

    • Dr. T Venkate Gowda

      B. E, M.Tech, Ph. D

      Associate Professor and HoD
    • Prof. Raghu S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Mallikarjuna S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Ajay Kumar K

      B.E, M.Tech.,

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Krupesh K S

      B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Prabodh Sai Dutt R

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Purushotham S

      B.E, M.Tech

      Assistant Professor
    • Prof. Yashvanth S V

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Dr. Y T Krishne Gowda

      B.E, M.E., Ph.D

      Professor and Principal
    • Prof. Sreyas C

      B.E, M.Tech., (Ph.D)

      Assistant Professor
    • Dr. T N Shridhar

      B.E, M.E., Ph.D

      Visiting Professor
    • Dr. V Seshadri

      B.E, Sc.M, Ph.D

      Visiting Professor and Mentor

    Non Teaching Staff

    • Mr. Abhishek Basappa

      B.E, M.Tech

      Workshop Superintendent
    • Mr. Manu D G


      Lab Instructor
    • Mr. Santhosh Y R


      Lab Instructor

    Technical Talks Organized By Department


    Resource Person with Training Company Name


    Participants(semester) With Number

    1 Mr. Devraj, HR Manager, Rangsons Schuster's Career Guidance and Personality Development 4th sem students 29.03.2019
    2 Mr. Anil Kumar, Entrepreneur Care Forum 'Dare to Explore' talk on Entrepreneurship 6th sem students 08.03.2019
    3 Mr. Abhijith of General Motors & Mr. Abhinandan M. of Tech Mahindra Digital Manufacturing and PLM 5th sem students 18.11.2018
    4 'The Start Up Talk' (An Initiative of Million Minds) 'Dare to Explore' talk on Entrepreneurship 5th sem students 10.10.2018
    5 Dr. Ajit Prasad S. L., Dean of Research & Professor, PESCE Mandya Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms by Graphical Method 4th sem students 18.05.2018
    6 Dr. V. Seshadri, Professor [Emeritus] (Retd.), Dept. of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi Fluid Mechanics 4th sem students 09.04.2018 and 16.05.2019
    7 Prof. Vinod B., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., VVCE Mysuru Freudenstein's Equation and Function Generation 4th sem students 01.06.2018 and 22.05.2019

    Important Events


    Resource Person with Training Company Name


    Participants(semester) With Number

    1 Dr. Y. T. Krishne Gowda, Principal, MITT MITT Mech Digital Library Launched 6th & 4th sem students 13.04.2019
    2 Dr. Murali S., President, MET Mysore Inauguration of 'e-Yantra Robotics Laboratory' in collaboration with IIT Bombay 6th & 4th sem students 14.03.2019
    3 Mr. P. V. Bharadwaj, Regional Director, ISHRAE Mysuru Chapter Inaugural Ceremony of ISHRAE - MITT Student Chapter 5th & 3rd sem students 27.10.2018
    4 'Dr. Ashok A., Cardiologist, Narayana Hospital World Heart Day observed. Students took Oath to follow good habits and to lead healthy life 5th sem students 05.10.2018
    5 Prof. Sreyas C., HoD Mechancial Engineering, MITT Autodesk- India Virtual Conference 4th sem students 20.04.2018
    6 Mr. Ravikumar, Foreman, MITT CATIA Software Training 4th sem students Even sem 2017-18
    7 Dr. Benjamin Sukumar S., Language Director, Institute of Language Studies, and others Stress Free Learning Week: Software Training, Industrial Visits, Mechatronics Training, German language training, Casting process demonstration 4th sem students 22.01.2018 to 25.01.2018


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