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A Unit of Maharaja Education Trust (R) Mysore

Maharaja Institute of Technology Thandavapura

(Approved by AICTE New Delhi & Affiliated to VTU Belgavi)

(Certified by ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 21001:2018 )


Strength of the Department


Dr. H. K. Chetan



Dr. D. S. Guru


The role of IT has evolved from supporting businesses to transforming them. In order to sustain in this transformation, one has to identify the market needs, introduce excellent academic processes and bench mark the outcomes as per the defined standards. The Information Science and Engineering Department focuses on all-round development, encourages a vibrant interest in academic as well as in extracurricular activities. The department has fully equipped laboratories, well qualified and experienced staff. The Department regularly arranges seminars, workshops from Industry, Academic experts for students as well as staff and also organizes industry visits for students. The Department offers add-on courses to cope up with the latest trends in technology. The track record of result is excellent.

The department is well equipped with good infrastructure such as latest Computerrs, Laboratory Equipment's, 150 Mbps leased line connection & Wi-Fi Internet connectivity and well qualified faculty members.


The Department of Information Science endeavours to be a Nationally recognized model for educating and graduating students prepared to compete in and contribute to the ever changing, technology-centric world.


In the highly volatile and developing domain of Computerrs and Information Technology, Our mission is to develop thirst for knowledge, know-how, and interest for research to tackle the emerging problems of the developing world.

Cinque Terre

Prof. Swarnalatha K


Associate Professor and Head

Department of Information Science and Engineering


Teaching Staff

Prof.Swarnalatha K

Prof. Swarnalatha K

B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D)

Associate Professor and Head


Prof. Mahadeva Prasad Y N

B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D)

Assistant Professor


Prof. Madhan Kumar G S

B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D)

Assistant Professor


Prof. Mohammed Salamath

B.E, M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Prof. Navile Nageshwara Naveen

Prof. Navile Nageshwara Naveen

B.E, M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Prof. Kavya P

Prof. Kavya P

B.E, M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Non-Teaching Staff

Prof. Navile Nageshwara Naveen


Lab Instructor

Prof. Kavya P


Lab assistant

Technical Talks Organized By Department

Sl No Resource Person with Training Company Name Title Participants(semester) With Number Date
1 Dr. Uma
Professor and Head
Department of ISE
Malnad College of Engineering Hassan.
Data Structures and Its Applications with Practical Examples Through Live and Creative Activities. 4th Sem 05-05-2017
2 Dr. Shivakumara Palaiahnakote
Department Of Computer System & Technology
Faculty Of Computerr Science & Information Technology
University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Highlighted the usage of existing technology in real-time application and importance of Computerr science and information technology. 4th Sem 07-04-2017
3 Mr. Sumanth Prabhu
Co-Founder and Director KIDVENTO Mysuru.
Ignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You! 4th Sem 05-03-2017
4 Mr. Varuna
CEO, Eudaemonic Systems
Software Engineering and Industry Prospective 4th Sem 15-02-2017
5 Dr. D. S. Guru
Professor and Nodal Officer CBCS Education
University of Mysuru.
Comparison of Ancient Human Life to Current Life Style 3rd Sem 10-09-2016

Workshops Conducted

Sl No Resource Person with Training Company Name Title Participants(semester) With Number Date
1 Ms. Yashaswi N P
Sr. Software Engineer
Synchronous Technologies, Bangalore.
Real Time Android App Development 6th & 4th Sem 05-03-2019
2 Prof. Jayanth K
Assistant Professor
Department of ISE, MITT.
Python and its Application 5th Sem 01-08-2018
3 Prof. Navile Nageshwara Naveen
Assistant Professor
Department of ISE, MITT.
User Interface Design 3rd Sem 01-08-2018

Students Achievement

Sl No Event Place Prize
1 Ms. Bindushree and Mr. Subhash
4th Sem ISE
2nd Place in Password Hunt
Bahubali College of Engineering, Sravanabelagola 500/- Each
2 Mr. Amruth and Mr. Arjun
6th Sem ISE
1st Place in Technical Paper Presentation
Bahubali College of Engineering, Sravanabelagola 1000/- Each
3 Ms. Bavitha and Ms. Harshitha
4th Sem ISE
1st Place in Poster Making
Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore 1000/- Each
4 Mr. Prasanth and Mr. Subhash
4th Sem ISE
3rd Place in Quiz
Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore 500/-
5 Mr. Hemanth and Mr. Rakshith
5th Sem ISE
2nd Place in Presenting Idea at IDEATHON
Maland College of Enginering, Hassan 1000/-

Our Infrastructure and Laboratories

  1. Programming in C

  2. C is the most commonly used programming language for writing operating systems. The first operating system written in C is Unix. Later operating systems like GNU/Linux were all written in C. Not only is C the language of operating systems, it is the precursor and inspiration for almost all of the most popular high-level languages available today. In fact, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby are all written in C.
    This laboratory will anable the students to familiarize with wiiting algorithms, fundamentals of C and problem solving, Implement different programming constructs and decomposition of problems into functions, Use and implement the data stuctures like arrays and structures to obtain solutions.

  3. Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

  4. This laboratory enable students to get practical experience in design, assembly and evaluation/testing of analog components and circuits. the students can able to,Use various Electronic Devices like Cathode ray Oscilloscope, Signal generators, DigitalTrainer Kit, Multimeters and components like Resistors, Capacitors, Op amp and Integrated Circuit.

  5. Data structures with C/C++ lab

  6. This laboratory course enable students to get practical experience in design, develop, implement,analyze and testing of Linear data structures and their applications such as stacks, queues and listsand Non-Linear data structures and their applications such as trees and graphs, Later this lab enable the student to Choose the appropriate data structure for solving real world problems.

  7. Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab with C++

  8. This laboratory enable the students to Design and implement various algorithms in JAVA language.and even Employ the various design strategies for problem solving.This laboratory helps the student to Measure and compare the performance of different algorithms.

  9. Microprocessor Lab

  10. This laboratory enable the students to provide practical exposure to the students on microprocessors, design and coding knowledge on 80x86 family/ARM. The ARM laboratory includes a platform for developing and testing software related to ARM architecture and many basics of ARM programming Principles.

  11. Database Applications Laboratory

  12. This laboratory will enable students to Foundation knowledge in database concepts, technology and practice to groom students into well-informed database application developers. And also enable the students to perform the Strong practice in SQL programming through a variety of database problems. Students can able to Develop database applications using front-end tools and back-end DBMS

  13. Software Testing Laboratory

  14. This laboratory will enable students to Differentiate the various testing techniques, Analyze the problem and derive suitable test cases, Apply suitable technique for designing of flow graph and Explain the need for planning and monitoring a process

  15. Networks Laboratory

  16. This laboratory will enable students to Demonstrate operation of network and its management commandsstudents can Simulate(Using NS2/NS3) and demonstrate the performance of GSM and CDMA.and also students can Implement data link layer and transport layer protocols.

  17. File Structures Laboratory

  18. This laboratory will enable students to Explain the fundamentals of file structures and their management, Measure the performance of different file structures, Organize different file structures in the memory and Demonstrate hashing and indexing techniques..

Cinque Terre

Prof. Swarnaltha K

Professor and Head

Dept. of Information Science and Engineering

Phone: 0821 4276230

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