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Computer Science and Engineering

The Department comprises of skilled and dedicated faculty Positions with Professors. This, combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology, has ensured excellent results at both examinations as well as competitive examinations by the students, as demonstrated by the long track record of MIT ranks and an outstanding placement record. There are ample opportunities for those inclined towards research as well, with experienced faculty and a wealth of resources.

In order to fulfill the objective of achieving academic excellence, the department is equipped with all infrastructure viz. Highly qualified teaching faculty, state-of-the-art computing facilities and a sophisticated library housing voluminous text books and periodicals. In addition, the following common facilities also contribute to the quality of teaching-learning process.

Computing professionals might find themselves in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations -- analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development. Here's a short list of research and vocational areas in computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence -- Develop computers that simulate human learning and reasoning ability.
  • Computer Design and Engineering -- Design new computer circuits, microchips, and other electronic components.
  • Computer Architecture -- Design new computer instruction sets, and combine electronic or optical components to provide powerful but cost-effective computing.
  • Information Technology -- Develop and manage information systems that support a business or organization.
  • Software Engineering -- Develop methods for the production of software systems on time, within budget, and with few or no defects.
  • Computer Theory -- Investigate the fundamental theories of how computers solve problems, and apply the results to other areas of computer science.
  • Operating Systems and Networks -- Develop the basic software computers use to supervise themselves or to communicate with other computers.
  • Software Applications -- Apply computing and technology to solving problems outside the computer field - in education or medicine.
Strength of the Department
Faculties of the department are well qualified and also have excellent experience in the field of teaching. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories and computational facilities to offer good practical training as per the academic requirements of VTU.

  Dr H.K Chethan



Teaching Faculty

Name Qualification Designation   

Master's degree (Computer Science & Engineering,Computer Network and Engineering),
Bachelor's degree(Computer Science)
Professor & Head

Mr. B S Bharath Bharadwaj
B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor

Mrs. S Suma
B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor

Non-Teaching Faculty

Name Qualification Designation   

Mr K S Gowtham
--- Lab Instructor