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Department of Chemistry

Chemistry essentially is a branch of Applied sciences that predominantly studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter and it is the art of resolving mixed, compound, or aggregate bodies into their principles; and of composing such bodies from those principles. Chemistry is now and again called the central science because it bridges other disciplines of sciences, including physics, geology and biology followed by the engineering aspects.

In the field of engineering, understanding of Chemistry is most essential which is further equipped with the knowledge of chemistry and engineering, works principally in the chemical industry to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products and covenant with the design and operation of plants and equipment. Hence, it is a brand of engineering facet that ultimately deals with the use and role of Chemistry in industry.

Our Vision
The Department of Engineering Chemistry at Maharaja Institute of Technology, Thandavapura (MITT) will be known for leadership in education and applied research that focuses on industrial progress, self-entrepreneurships and environmental quality improvements through the application of principles of applied chemistry and engineering.

Our Mission
The mission of the Department of Engineering Chemistry is to prepare the students with utmost competitiveness for professional practice, graduate study in the course of continuous learning in order to indoctrinate the advancement in the fields of science and technology which will further facilitate possible exploration of the innovative notions through better understanding of the Chemistry and their techniques to establish product oriented engineering practices.

Methodology of Teaching

  • An appropriate lesson plan is scrupulously designed in advance for every aspects of the subject and the same will be implemented effectively.
  • The Teaching approach have been employed both Modern through LCD, OHP & ICT methodology and Traditional method through Black Board presentation i.e., Chalk and Talk approach of teaching has been implemented explicitly to impart the quality education to the students.
  • An action plan with time frame of the Events and Curriculum is prepared well in advance and the same is circulated among all the faculties and students such as, Internal assessment examinations, improvement sessions, Training, counseling followed by Co-curricular activities, etc.
  • Individual attention is taken to ensure each and every student has been given fair chance to participate in different developmental activities like seminars, symposia’s, presentation etc.
  • Experts and Executive trainers have been called on to the campus to train the students on real time situations like Group Discussion, Interviews and Aptitude test etc.
  • An appraisal method (360 degree) has been implemented successfully to ensure a smooth relationship between faculties and students.
  • The Institute has taken special initiative to conduct Value Addition Course during vacation as well as during regular course of the college.
  • The students will be directed for Regular assignments and Improvement tests are conducted for all subjects concerned as a preparatory one before the final examinations.

Initiative and Innovative practices at MIT Thandavapura

  • The Institute will encourage the students with sponsorship for their active participation at seminars and conference, work-shops in various places (across the country/
  • The institute will provide valid platforms for the exhibition of unseen talents of the students are for which the participant will be rewarded by rights.
  • In the respective departments, the knowledge based events like, quiz competition, interactive sessions for personality development is being conducted to build GK and IQ of the students (focusing on both current progress in Science & Technology followed by current affairs and business).
  • Students are classified into different group and they will be assigned with different innovative minor projects and the same will be evaluated at regular interval.
  • Additional classes will be allotted time to time, in which every student should talk on new-fangled technology to enhance their knowledge.

Developmental Activities for Teachers and Staff
The fulcrum of any institute is to enhance skills and innovativeness in their objectives, the institute has taken colossal initiative in order to develop the skillfulness of the faculty and staff by providing regular in-house and exterior training/ work-shops and also encourages the faculties and staff members through sponsored program to take active participations at seminars and conferences both across the country and globe for their Scientific and Technical deliberations.

Students Counseling
he secret of the well established institute lies with the positive mindset of the students, which reflects in its achievements. As such, the institute periodically conducts counseling for all the students that would impart the excellence in both academic and personal growth. A feedback from either side paves way for a strong bondage and best harmony between the institute as well with the students and that would result in excel in its standards set.

Placement Activities
The success and endurance of an institute starts and continues with the student's career growth. In addition, the main aim of the MITT is to build successful career path for the student’s in order to shaping of their future with efficiency. Besides, the institute will also conducts diverse class of capacity building activities during the regular course as well at the vacation followed by the weekends respectively.

Best wishes to the Students for their Academic endeavor

Teaching Faculty

Name Qualification Designation   

PhD in Life Science and Applied Science, Master's degree (Life Science,Chemistry,Eco-Technology & Hydrobiology,Applied Chemistry),

Bachelor's degree(Chemistry Major,Chemistry, Botony, Zoology),

M.Phil (Env. Management) Bachelor of Law (LLB) Engineering & Technology Course (NIOS) in Construction Supervision (Civil) Diploma in Windows Application (DWA)

Professor & Head

Non-Teaching Faculty

Name Qualification Designation   

Mr. L Rajendra Kumar
--- Lab Assistant